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Want to train to teach but live too far away to be able to travel to Hagley?

If you are based in Evesham, Worcester or Pershore, you could attend weekly Professional Studies sessions via Microsoft Teams, directly live streamed to you from our Hagley campus to our partner school, The De Montfort School in Evesham.

The De Montfort School recently joined The Four Stones MAT. This new partnership will allow us to offer the same service while freeing up time for our trainees that they would have otherwise spent travelling.

Trainees will have more time to spend on marking, studying and lesson planning which – we hope – will create a good quality work-life balance.

Why is reducing travel time important?

A common misconception with teaching is that teachers have a lot of free-time; this is definitely not the case.

Teachers work a full day of lessons, as well break duties, before supervising after school clubs/detentions. They will then spend the rest of their time marking, planning lessons and supporting students.

Adding to this the extra work load of what is required in order to train to teach, the very last thing a trainee needs is to travel for hours on end to get to and from a school placement / Professional Studies session.

We are always working to ensure that any additional work or stress is kept at a minimum for our trainees.


Whilst at The De Montfort School, you will based in one of their stunning on-site classrooms. Every week, you will meet up with a member of our team who will make sure the live stream runs smoothly, as well as checking to see whether you have any questions.

Find out more about the campus here

Want to find out more?

Contact us to find out more about our De Montfort base.

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Hear the stories from the people who chose Haybridge Alliance SCITT

Why should trainee teachers or schools choose Haybridge Teaching Alliance? Hear from real people and their stories on how Haybridge Alliance SCITT have helped them in their teaching career.

Training with Haybridge Alliance SCITT has been life changing. It has given me access to the very best advice, support and teaching practice to enable me to develop as both an individual and a teacher.

During my placements, both of my assigned mentors went above and beyond to make sure that my experience was as beneficial, yet at the same time challenging as possible. The knowledge and expertise shared by both the SCITT staff and the staff within placement schools has been invaluable and has undoubtedly helped me to develop on my journey to becoming a teacher.

English trainee

Love, love, love this course! The support from the SCITT team is incredible, really outstanding. Learning to teach straight away and teaching almost immediately was such a benefit. The students only see you as their teacher and you can take it at your own pace.

I am so happy that I chose to go down the SCITT route as I have loved every minute of it and would recommend it to anyone looking to do a teaching course.

Music Trainee

So far, I have learnt a lot on this programme and I am really enjoying learning how to teach to the best of my ability. The support on the course has been exceptional. I know I can ask for advice on anything in school and I will get good guidance. Completing the Paid Mathematics and Physics Internship was a great experience for me. It gave me a month in the educational environment and really made my mind up that I wanted to go into teaching. Without completing that, I feel I would not have enrolled on this course.

Mathematics Trainee

Everyone has been really supportive, positive and reassuring. It has been good to be back at Haybridge – now as a trainee, rather than a student! The year has been very rewarding and engaging.

It has been full of content with lots of lessons to learn, but also truly inspiring and an excellent platform to start my teaching career. Thank you for all your help.

Primary Trainee

I would recommend Haybridge Alliance SCITT 100% today, tomorrow and forever. This journey into becoming a teacher would not have been a success for me without their dedication. Every push and all feedback that came my way from the SCITT was essential to master the art of teaching. Haybridge Alliance SCITT has provided me with the most exceptional environment, which a trainee teacher needs to exceed.

Computing Trainee

I would highly recommend Haybridge Alliance SCITT as a training provider. The support and encouragement has been immense, in particular from the SCITT team and teaching staff. The subject-specific mentors based at Haybridge have been incredible at imparting their knowledge and providing guidance and I am extremely grateful to them all!

Biology Part Time Trainee

Teacher training is a very rewarding, but at times very difficult journey. The team at Haybridge Alliance SCITT understand that it can be difficult and have been very supportive at the times when the going has been tough and for this I would definitely recommend then. I’m glad I decided to go with Haybridge as I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot more teaching than I would if I’d picked [a university route].

History Trainee

I chose Haybridge Alliance SCITT because I wanted to gain hands-on experience in an outstanding school where I can learn how to teach. The programme is challenging but also very rewarding.

The Monday professional sessions are of high quality and were designed to complement the practical modules. I really feel more confident and passionate about becoming a teacher than ever before. The support of mentors and staff is phenomenal.

Computing Trainee
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