Teaching Internships

Train to Be a Primary School Teacher with the Haybridge Alliance

Fancy gaining some fantastic work experience while earning £300 a week? Read on!

Take part in a government-funded scheme that gives you an insight into what a fantastic job maths and Physics teaching can be.

Our programme consists of a 4-week internship in June/July 2020. You will be paid £1200 to work with young people in excellent schools to deliver maths and/or Physics projects, provide tutoring and learn the art of teaching. You will receive training and develop your communication and presentation skills and, whilst there is no obligation to sign up to teacher training, if you are interested in a career in teaching you will be assigned a careers advisor who will support you in applying for scholarships and bursaries of up to £28k tax-free to train as a teacher and we will guarantee you an interview to train as a teacher.

To take part you will need good A Level grades in Maths (and Physics if you want to teach Physics) and will be doing an undergraduate degree course in Mathematics, Physics, Engineering or a related subject.

If you are interested please complete the expression of interest form and email it to info@teachwithhaybridge.co.uk.